Greek Herbal tea Blends
Inspiration Blend Herbal Tea

Rosemary, lemon balm, st. John’s wort, thyme.

Sharpens memory, stimulates brain functions 

and gives inspiration and clarity. 

Rosemary is considered to contribute to the prevention

of Alzheimer’s disease, while thyme stimulates the senses and hypericum enhances your mood.

Winter Blend Herbal Tea

Sage, dittany, st. John’s wort, olive. 

It works as a tonic for the whole organism and supports 

the immune system, thanks to the tannins it contains.

Effective in treating cold symptoms, bactericide, antibiotic, 

cardiotonic, expectorant, antispasmodic and a powerful antiseptic, our Winter Blend has germicidal action 

and helps the absorption of vitamin C

Smoker's Blend Herbal Tea

Wild oregano, mallow, eucalyptus, olive. 

Soothes a cough, asthma symptoms, acute and chronic bronchitis and liquefies the sputum. 

It helps to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, prevents inflammation of the respiratory and the formation 

of ulcers in the mouth and tonsils.

It supports the function of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood sugar levels,

regulates cholesterol and protects blood vessels.

Relaxing Blend Herbal Tea

Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mallow.


Relaxes body and mind, calms the senses

and releives stress. It improves digestion, the function

of stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver and prepares 

not only for a pleasant sleep, but also for meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and yoga.

Detox Blend Herbal Tea

Thistle, dandelion, verbena, sage.


Our Detox Blend Improves the detoxifying capacity 

of the liver, prevents the formation of fat,

and contributes to the renewal of cells. 

Tonic and reinforcing the immune system, it prevents 

the creation of free radicals. It stimulates the secretion 

of bile, keeps cholesterol levels low and

helps remove toxins from all sources., helping to address cardiovascular events and prevent clots.