Natural and Organic Herbs from the Aegean Islands
Natural and Organic Herbs from the Greek Islands 


Amorgos Wild Oregano, Cretan Mountain Tea, Syros Marjoram, Chios Pennyroyal,

Paros Dittany,

Lemnos Thyme, 

unique aromas of local varieties of the endemic Greek flora

Natural Sea Salt scented with unique herbal flavours

Natural sea salt, harvested from natural salt pans, flavored with Lemnos Thyme, Paros Savory, Rosemary from Naxos, Syros marjoram, fennel from Amorgos, combined with fragrant grape syrup, ouzo from Mytilene, Orange, Sun Dried Santorin tomato

Unique herbal combinations for beneficial tisanes 


Sage and Monk's Pepper from Amorgos,Chamomile and Verbena from Crete, Lemon balm and Lavender from Naxos Rosemary, Dittany, Olive leaves, St. John's Wort, Calendula, the Greek natural treasures combined in mixtures according to their beneficial properties